Turkish travertine-marble tiles, pavers, mosaics, tumbled 4 sizes pattern sets from Turkey? 


Your Turkish Stone Supplier

Merostones is an exporter of Turkish travertines&marbles&limestones, almost everything about tiles&pavers&mosaics: tumbled travertine pattern sets, tumbled travertine 4 size sets, small size tumbled tiles, tumbled travertine pavers, polished marble tiles, travertine&marble  mosaics, tumbled travertine mosaics, polished marble mosaics, for cladding and flooring.

The tiles&pavers of our Turkish travertines&marbles have the sizes from 4x4" (10x10 cm ) to 24x36"(61x91,5 cm) with the thickness of 1 cm (1/2") to 3 cm (1,2").

Almost all designs and models of  Turkish travertine mosaics and Turkish marble mosaics are possible to produce. Just let us know your demand.

Merostones has 2 collections: Antic and Piatto Series are perfect for your projects.), send us an email!

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