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turkish travertine marble tiles merostones

Turkish travertine marble bluestone tiles pavers mosaics tumbled 4 sizes pattern sets from Turkey? 
Your Turkish Stone Supplier

Merostones is an exporter of Turkish travertines marbles limestones, almost everything about natural stones tiles pavers mosaics: tumbled travertine pattern sets, tumbled travertine 4 size sets, small size tumbled tiles, tumbled travertine pavers, polished marble tiles, travertine marble mosaics, tumbled travertine mosaics, polished marble mosaics, for cladding and flooring.
The tiles pavers of our Turkish travertines marbles have the sizes from 4x4" (10x10 cm ) to 24x36"(61x91,5 cm) with the thickness of 1 cm (1/2") to 3 cm (1,2").
Almost all designs and models of  Turkish travertine mosaics and Turkish marble mosaics are possible to produce. Just let us know your demand.
Merostones has 2 collections: Antic and Piatto Series are perfect for your projects.), send us an email!

Turkish Stones Travertines Marbles Limestones:

Our Turkish travertine range contains almost all travertines of Turkey: classic beige travertine, mix melange travertine, noce travertine, yellow (giallo) travertine, rose (red), silver travertine.

Our Turkish marbles are beige marble (Burdur/Isparta beige marble), silver shadow marble, cappuccino marble,  bluestone (nimbus gray, ocean blue) marble, white marble (Muğla white, nubis white). We have also white shelly osso limestone from Antalya.

Turkish Stone Products​:

Our products are available as Turkish stone tiles, Turkish travertine tiles, Turkish marble tiles, Turkish limestone tiles, Turkish travertine mosaics, Turkish marble mosaics, Turkish limestone mosaics, Turkish travertine pavers, Turkish marble pavers, small size tumbled travertines and marbles, travertine pool copings, bluestone pool copings, honed travertine mouldings, polished marble mouldings. Please let us know your other demands.


We called Antique Serie for our Turkish travertines - marbles that are tumbled and old looking. Our Piatto Serie has Turkish travertines - marbles that are Polished or Brushed or Honed/modern looking items.


The sizes given are regular sizes for each production type. Please ask if you need anything else.


Sizes of Antique (tumbled) Tiles (mm) (inch)

-Small sizes :  100x100 (4x4"), 75x150 (3x6"), 150x150 (6x6"), 75x200 (3x8"), 200x200 (8x8").....   10 mm thickness

-Mini pattern set : 2 pcs 100x100 (4x4") + 1 pcs 100x200 (4x8")+ 2 pcs 200x200 (8x8") + 1 pcs 200x300 (8x12") ...10 mm thickness

-French pattern, opus 4 size : 2 pcs 203x203 (8x8")+1 pcs 203x406 (8x16")+2 pcs 406x406 (16x16")+1 pcs 406x610 (16x24").... 12 mm thickness

-Regular size : 406x406 (16x16"),  406x610 (16x24")     ........12 mm thickness

-Jumbo sets : 2 pcs 305x305 (12x12")+1 pcs 305x610 (12x24")+2pcs 610x610 (24x24")+1 pcs 610x915 (24x36") ..... 15 mm thickness

-Big sizes: 610x610 (24x24"),  610x915 (24x36") .....15 mm thickness


Piatto Tiles (mm/inch)

-Regular sizes for crosscut travertines:  406x406 (16x16"),  406x610 (16x24"), 457x457 (18x18"), 610x610 (24x24") ........12 mm thickness

-Regular size for veincut travertines:  406x610 (16x24"), 406xFL (16"xFL) ........15 mm thickness

-Regular size for polished marbles: 400x400, 400x600, 600x600  ........20 mm thickness

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